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Property Masterclass

Buying Your First Home

Your one stop Property Masterclass covering everything you need to know (but didn't know you needed to know) about buying your first home

"This is one of my all time favourite Masterclasses - Buying your First Home - a subject about which I'm very

passionate. I've created this just for you and can't wait to share it with you, whether you're starting out at the beginning buying your very first home, or if you're further down the line, seeking to buy your next home at a later stage in your life.

I wish that this Property Masterclass had been around when I was thinking about buying my first property. It would
definitely have given me the know-how and confidence to realise that it was possible for me to buy property. I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would have invested in myself earlier and bought my first property much sooner.

Thank you for investing your time and money in my Masterclass. I've packed a lot in for you and know you'll find it immensely useful. It's designed to equip you with not only a bank of invaluable knowledge, but also a wealth of confidence and courage, giving you choices, joy and even a little magic on your journey towards buying your dream home.

I wish you all the very best and can't wait to hear about your successful property buying journey"

Lindsay x

Does this sound familiar?

  • You'd love to buy a property, but to be honest, it feels like it's just a dream and you want to know if it's even possible for you.

  • You're more than keen to buy your first home and get on the property ladder, but have no idea where to start.

  • You're feeling very unsure about the money side (especially mortgages and all that jargon).

  • You're feeling pretty clueless about the process of buying a home - things like who you need to instruct, how long everything will take and how much it will all cost?

  • You're keen to get going, but want to avoid making (costly) mistakes - after all, this is going to be the most expensive purchase of your life!

Then, welcome! You're in exactly the right place!

What if you could feel differently?

How amazing would it feel if you could go from feeling unsure and overwhelmed to being smart and savvy about how to buy your dream property?

From busting the jargon to getting your numbers and finances ready; from step-by-step guides of the buying process to having a dream professional team in place ready to work with you to buy your first home. We deliver all the essentials and much much more for you in this Property Masterclass.

How incredible would it feel if you were in control and fully prepared, both practically and emotionally?

Buying property requires not only a good overview of the practical legal and financial steps involved, but also the ability to understand how to make confident decisions when your heart is involved as well as your head! After all, you're buying your home - the precious and safe sanctuary that you've been dreaming about. In this Masterclass, we map out a clear and focussed journey for you, putting you confidently in the driving seat as you head towards owning your dream home.

How fantastic would it feel if you had your hands on the insider strategies and secrets to successfully finding and buying your dream home?

There's both an art and a science to securing the best property for you at the best price that suits your lifestyle, pocket and dreams. Knowing the secret sauce to finding and securing property is going to save you hours of time and heartache. There's a wealth of tips, tricks and insider secrets peppered throughout this Property Masterclass. Plus we include real life case studies so you can get a flavour of the time scales, costs and 'What I wish I'd known!' answers.

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If you’re finding yourself agreeing to all or any of these, you’re not alone…

Buying a property is the biggest purchase you'll ever make. There are many moving parts and and you want to get it right !

Whether you're a first time, second time or any time buyer, buying solo or with a partner, family or friend, at any age or stage of life and you're wondering where to even start, then we're here to help.

If you like being fully prepared ahead of time and want to really understand how to go through the house buying process step by step, then we're glad you're here.

If you're seeking guidance and support,

our aim is to send you out on your property buying journey with confidence, armed with a treasure trove of knowledge, tips and strategy.

We've brought everything together in one fabulous Masterclass, giving you wonderful clarity and focus, keeping you super organised, reducing the stress and holding your hand through what should be a very exciting time in your life!

Buying Your First Home :

The Property Masterclass

Which is why we're thrilled to offer you:

There are many moving parts to buying a home, but in this Masterclass, we're going to guide you through step by step, holding your hand.We believe that if you know what to expect in advance, then you'll be able to handle the process with ease and confidence. How amazing is that?

Here's exactly how we're going to get there together....

Mini Masterclass 1 Your Dream Team of Pros

By the end of this first session, you'll know how to build your dream professional team and decide who will be working alongside you. Getting the right team is the absolute key to getting you up the path smoothly and through the front door into your very own home.

Mini Masterclass 2 Diving into the Money

In this second mini masterclass, we're diving into all things money, helping you understand everything you need to know about the money side of buying your property, as well as busting that jargon. And as an extra bonus just for you, we've added a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of property investment to inform and possibly even inspire you.

Mini Masterclass 3 A Step by Step Guide to the Buying Process

From there, Mini Masterclass 3 is the Step-by-Step Guide to the Buying Process, showing you exactly what to expect from start to finish. Honestly – this is the one session that our students rave about time and again - this crucial knowledge really helps to move you through your property buying journey seamlessly and prepares you for what's ahead at every stage.

Mini Masterclass 4 Strategies for Finding the Best Property for You

By the time you reach here, hopefully you're feeling prepped and much more confident about your professional team, money and the buying journey. This final Mini Masterclass is designed to help you discover all the strategies and secret sauce for finding the very best home for you, including finding the real gems, making value the minute you buy, insider secrets, mindset and how to make an offer and buy like a pro!

Wow! There’s so much incredible value packed in there, ready for you to watch, listen and read… This Property Masterclass has it all including top tips, insider knowledge, practical guides and mindset work. Its aim is to offer you a wealth of experience helping to boost your knowledge and your confidence, so you're completely ready to set out on your house buying journey.

Valued at over £650

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Introducing your instructor, Lindsay Cressey

"Buying a property is the biggest purchase you'll ever make and I want to help you understand the process and share my secrets, so you can enjoy the journey as much as possible."

Lindsay is a highly experienced educator and passionate about property.

She's dual qualified as a property solicitor (non practising) and teacher and is also a certified money coach. She's a property investor and has over 30 years of interest and experience of the property market.

Lindsay is renowned for demystifying jargon & tricky concepts and instilling a new level of confidence and self belief in her students when it comes to all things property and money, through her range of practical, easy to follow and fun strategies.

Lindsay's friendly, down to earth approach brings joy to learning, making even the hardest concepts easy to understand, plus she brings a unique depth to her sessions by sharing her passion, knowledge, experience, successes (and hiccups!) when it comes to property.

Valued at over £650

Buy now for £165

Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in The Property Masterclass:


In depth and comprehensive Property Masterclass

This Property Masterclass is subdivided into mini Masterclasses which have been carefully curated to bring together the four most important aspects of buying your dream home. Lindsay will be leading, teaching and cheering you on throughout.

  • Your Dream Team of Pros

  • Diving into the Money

  • A Step by Step Guide to the Buying Process

  • Strategies for Buying the Best Property for You


Immediate Access with Lifetime Access, including any new or updated material.

When you buy the Masterclass, you'll get immediate access to all 4 mini Masterclasses today. There's no waiting around for start dates. You can dive straight in and get going!

Once you've entered your payment details, then you'll receive an email with a personal welcome from Lindsay and your log in details, so you can get started right away!

Plus you get lifetime access to the course and if we add bonus or updated material, you'll automatically find this added to your library for free. This is a gift from us for you to say thank you for investing your time and money with us.


Fun sheets, guides and a free bonus

To accompany the live Masterclass, you'll get your hands on a whole range of fabulous guides and fun sheets which are designed to prompt, help and inspire you on your journey to buying your first home.

There's important mindset work too, designed to improve your confidence and self belief.

We've included a BONUS session for you at the end of Mini Masterclass 2 which is all about using property as an investment. Designed to help you gain a quick, but thorough overview of the pros and cons of buying property as investment.

Worth over £650

Buy now for £165


“I have been saved! I am 26 years old and before, the ‘property market’ seemed like an intimidating black hole of jargon and money, but Lindsay’s Property Masterclass has absolutely turned this on its head. I now feel grounded, secure and full of confidence. I will 100% be looking at property in a different light now which is really good for my independence, especially as a woman. This Masterclass is essential."


"Lindsay’s Property Masterclass made me feel so much more confident about the actual process of buying a property and how to make it work with a team! Lindsay made sure that everything was covered and now I’m feeling so much more confident and know where to start and about all the costs involved. The Step by Step Guide to the Buying Process session was so useful as it made me aware of all the different processes required to buy a house." 2021


(now a first time home owner)

“Before Lindsay’s Masterclass, the thought of being able to afford to buy a house or flat and therefore get on the property ladder seemed at least 5-10 years away, mainly because I didn’t have a clue about where to even start or what needs to happen to make it a reality. And the numbers in the estate agents’ windows were terrifying!

But now I feel genuinely excited about the prospect of getting on the property ladder and more importantly, that it’s actually possible for me!

Lindsay was amazing at breaking down the confusing jargon into really understandable terms. Even from the first session, my confidence around money grew massively and I can’t wait to start looking for my first home.” 2021


(currently about to complete on her first property)

Worth over £650

Buy now for £165

Questions? Let's help you here....

Does the Property Masterclass offer investment advice?

No. Sadly we're not able to advise you on your individual circumstances. You will need to take investment advice about your own personal financial situation when buying property. Please use the appropriate professional legal and financial advisors. This is actually a key part of what we cover in the Masterclass!

This Masterclass is designed to provide education and general guidance on buying a property. It is based on the current law of England and Wales, though the general principles may be applicable elsewhere. The materials and teaching we deliver as part of the programme do not in any way constitute advice or recommendations. It is strictly an educational course designed to help you become more knowledgeable and confident about buying a property.

How does the Masterclass run?

The Masterclass has been recently re-recorded and updated. It is delivered to you through 4 mini masterclasses. You will have immediate access to all 4 mini masterclasses and accompanying support material when you purchase the Masterclass.

It may be that, from time to time, we update and/or add extra bonus material that we think will be useful for you. This will be automatically uploaded for free in your library. You'll have lifetime access to the Masterclass; 'lifetime' meaning for as long as the platform and course remain live.

Please note that recording of any kind, including using AI, is prohibited. This protects our copyright and Intellectual Property. Thank you for respecting this.

Worth over £650

Buy for £165

Can I share my success story once I buy my property?

Yes please ! We love hearing stories and seeing pictures from our students who have gone on to successfully buy their dream home.

Whilst the property buying process can take many months and sometimes over a year, please do stay in touch and send us regular updates by email or via our instagram @lindsay_cressey

Refund Policy

We hope you love this Masterclass as much as we have loved creating it for you, and that your investment gives you amazing value and incredible learning in return. You can download the support documents and return time and again to watch the mini masterclasses.

Over time, it may be that extra bonus sessions are added to the series and you will receive these automatically at no extra cost. This is our gift to you to say thank you for investing your time and money with us.

As the Property Masterclass is a digital course with immediate full access, we are sorry that there are no refunds. All sales are final.

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